Why Your Printer Isn’t Getting the “Right Colors”

In our more than 125 years in business, Office Systems Co. has seen the development of incredible technological developments and the revolutionization of the American workplace. We have also seen office employees become very frustrated because of dropped calls, jammed printers, and broken typewriters.

Most of these problems have vanished over time, but printers still seem to cause issues when it comes to printing the “right colors”. Here’s why:

Incompatible Color Settings
This mistake comes about because computer monitors use the RGB system (Red, Green, Blue), which is best for digital projects, while printers use the CMYK system (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).

These different systems can sometimes cause your blues to come out as purple or to lower the intensity of the image, and the easiest way to correct this issue is to change your image-manipulation software to a CMYK presentation. That way, you’ll get the best and most realistic view of your product on the screen.

Lack of Humidity Control
Poor humidity control can serious problems for your printer. If your air is too moist, you may see a change in your color output and your paper might not feed through the printer properly; however, if your air is too dry, your paper may generate static electricity and stick to the inside of your printer. When the paper is too dry, the printed images may not have a solid fill of color which results in pasty looking prints.

Avoid these issues by investing in a dehumidifier for your office and do your best to keep your office at 4-5% humidity. Your machines will thank you and your employees will too!

Software/Hardware Reconfiguration
Drivers and software requirements are constantly changing, and your state-of-the-art system can suddenly be out-of-date before you know it. Because of this, the software in your printer may no longer be up to date with your systems, and any efforts to print can end poorly.

Luckily for business owners, technology companies understand this constant change and do their best to support their clients by providing free driver updates and software patches at the customer’s convenience.

If you’re struggling to print a certain document and have tried every trick in the book, check your task manager and see what the computer indicates is occuring.

Printers, like any other piece of technology, make our lives and businesses infinitely better, but they can still have hiccups that, fortunately, are easy to fix. Give our office equipment staff a call at (800) 779-7030 or visit us online and find out how we can solve all your printer problems today!